the table is setLuncheon Club

Kingswood Luncheon Club was started in 1976 during the time when the Rev. Clifford Bell was the Minister.

Mrs. Gladys Bell was keen to start a luncheon club, and the idea was taken up.

Mrs. Jem Heywood and Mrs. Doris Kidd were the first leaders, supported by a loyal band of helpers.

soup makingA good number of diners attended, some being fetched by private car owners.

When Jem Heywood moved away, Mrs. Hazel Gregg took over as leader, and when she retired Margaret Squire became the new leader.

main course arrives

Currently the Club is run by two teams who alternate on a weekly basis and we are greatly indebted to these and to all helpers who have made it possible to keep the Club functioning.

Food is largely provided by Social Services with soups and tea/coffee provided in house by the team.

tea upToday, the numbers attending are smaller,and those who need transport are brought by private cars.

We feel we provide a valuable service to the community. The people who come enjoy the meals and the fellowship provided.

Extra helpers are always welcome to cover for holidays and sickness. If you wish to assist please contact Margaret on 0115 929 3555.

waiting its come