House Groups

House Groups are a way in which small groups of church members can meet in each others houses to enable them to deepen their faith, for Bible study/discussion, meditation or prayer.

Monday Night Groups

One Monday night house group was established at the request of church members who had completed the Alpha Course.

This group began in October 2007, it meets once a month, usually on the first Monday of the month at a members house and is lead by Heather Collins.

The group is small but numbers are slowly increasing. The hope is to attract more people who do not attend any other house group and who would like to deepen their faith through discussion and study.

For further information contact Heather on 0115 928 1877

The second Monday night house group meets weekly in the evening and meets in various member's houses and after coffee or tea and a chat, in general do Bible study.

Recent areas of study have included the Psalms, Esther and more recently have studied the report produced by the Methodist Conference on "Time to talk of God".

For further information contact John on 0115 928 4114

Wednesday Night Group

This group meets twice a month in member's homes. It is a flexible, fairly informal gathering which starts with prayer followed by bible study/discussion, talk/discussion etc. and ends with a longer time of prayer which can include meditations, music, silent prayer and prayer for individual concerns.

Last year the group finished the Emmaus Course and went on to study the Beatitudes.

Several members of the group have led evenings, bringing their own particular gifts and graces to each session.

We always finish with time to chat over drinks and biscuits.

For further information contact Barbara on 0115 9287219

Friday Night Group

This group continue to meet monthly on Friday evenings. They have recently been working through a book entitled "How many light bulbs does it take to change a Christian". This is a pocket guide to shrinking our ecological footprint - members taking it in turns to discuss various aspects e.g. water, energy, transport, waste, well-being etc.

For further information contact Lilian on

If you are looking for a house group and the format of one of the above suits you, do come along - new members are always welcome.