Connections with other Churches

Kingswood Methodist Church is part of the Nottingham Trent Valley Circuit. The Circuit is the administrative unit of the Methodist Church just above that of the churches themselves.

The name derives from the circuit of churches that a Methodist preacher could serve riding on horseback within one Sunday.

We have especially close links with the Methodist churches in Lenton and Radford, with whom we share our minister, and with the other Methodist church in Wollaton, Grangewood Methodist Church, with whom we often have shared services.

Wollaton Churches Together is the ecumenical umbrella under which the churches of Wollaton operate. The member churches include:

St. Leonard's Church (Anglican)
St. Mary's Church (Anglican)
St. Thomas More (Catholic)
Grangewood Methodist Church
Kingswood Methodist Church

Wollaton Churches Together publishes a monthly magazine, the Link, which is freely available in the back of our church and has news on the participating churches, articles on christian faith in general as well as local interest items.

Sometimes, there are joint services for instance during the annual Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

During Lent, we organise ecumenical housegroups with members from the different congregations meeting weekly in small groups to discuss a chosen theme. This is invariably an interesting and enriching experience.

The Wollaton Christian Aid Committee relies heavily on the joint efforts of the Wollaton churches, especially during Christian Aid Week in May.

As described elsewhere, we have a long standing relationship with the Methodist Erlosokirche in Karlsruhe.