Church Organisation

All major decisions in the church are taken by the Church Council, which has authority and oversight over the whole ministry of the church including the management of its property. All those worshipping regularly are welcome to attend, but for legal reasons, only formal members of the church council can vote. The church council is advised by several groups that also are responsible for the daily running of various aspects of church life. Some of these are:

The Stewards.

The stewards are responsible for communicating with the minister and organising the details of Sunday worship. Stewards also have an overall responsibility to ensure good communication between all those active in the church.

The Worship Group.

This group is responsible for the planning of all the aspects of worship in our church. This includes deciding dates for special services.

The Caring, Outreach and Enrichment Group.

This group is responsible for the coordination of all activities to do with learning (e.g. Navigators, House Groups), caring (such as social activities,outreach) and evangelism activities.

The Resources Group.

This group is responsible for looking after the church property and finance. The treasurer is in charge of the financial administration, the property steward coordinates the maintenance of the church building and the lettings secretary organises the letting of our premises.

The meetings of these groups will be announced in the church calendar and they are open to all who are regularly involved in church activities, although voting in the council is restricted to council members for legal reasons.

The Pastoral Group.

This group looks at the pastoral needs of church members and allocates pastoral visitors. Due to the confidential nature of these matters, this is not an open meeting and can only be attended by Pastoral Visitors. This group is also responsible for keeping a record to the church membership.